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Please take a moment to see what the RCN Security Corporation edge in quality can mean to your company. Let RCN Security Corporation give you the edge in security.

Our Investigators and Security Officers are licensed, bonded and insured, owned and operated by a Retired Special Agent, Federal Air Marshal and Former Detroit Police Officer. RCN Security Corporation is licensed by the State of Michigan. We are staffed by professional and dependable Security personnel.


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The Prime Considerations
From top executives of the company to newly hired security officers, quality ahs been the prime consideration in selection, training and assignment. It’s something everyone is conscious of and takes personal pride in.

RCN Security Corporation prides itself on the fact that deserving qualified employees are promoted from within the company. RCN Security Corporation takes great care in trying to avoid hiring employees from competitors, because they may not adapt to RCN Security Corporation’s special techniques and procedures.

Security excellence means top-quality people, quality training and close supervision. Excellence also means a wide variety of additional services

8033 Ten Mile Road
Center Line, MI 48015
Phone:  586.754.6433 
Email: rcn2002@sbcglobal.net


Office Building Security Residential Security
Apartment Building Security Industrial Security
Residential Patrols School Security
Church Security Courier Service
Process Service Construction Sites
Parking Lot Security Employment Background Check
Payment Center Security Confidential Investigations
Armed Security Insurance Work

Upper management of the company is available twenty-four per day, seven days per week for supervision, monitoring and emergency situations.


Our Business Is
Your Business!

Depending on your business needs, we are able to provide security personnel who are armed, unarmed, uniformed or plain clothes.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for $2,000,000.00

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